MoviePass 2.0 launches on Labor Day everything you need to know MoviePass, the cinema subscription service that played a major part in introducing U.S. audiences

Tthree price tiers of $10, $20 or $30 which involve credits to watch movies; details still murky. You can get on a free waitlist August 25-29.

MoviePass would be returning under the leadership of co-founder and former CEO Stacy Spikes it was acquired by tech firm Helios & Matheson in 2017

  MoviePass-branded debit card to get into any theater or use the MoviePass app, and in a nice new change, you’ll be able to use your credits to bring friends to the theater.

MoviePass was crazy popular with 3 million users years ago. But it melted down when demands for tickets in 2018 fried the company’s circuit board, reports Joblo

The service will only be available to those who join the waitlist between August 25 and August 29. After that, the only way is to get an invite from a friend who joined the waitlist.

The good news is that while you may have to wait for your market to become available, once it is live you have access to all major movie theaters that accept credit cards in your area.

If you were previously a MoviePass member before its demise, you will get complimentary bonus credits added to your account when you join.

You must be age 18+ to participate, so no, you teens can’t penetrate the R-rated movie line by using this app!