Google Account Recovery Information to Protect You by Hacking 2024

Google Account Recovery Information:- Google Account Recovery by hacking is a very important thing in this giant social media world and your Google or Gmail account is the gateway to access all your social media profiles for Hackers currently, many users are affected by this threat also and it’s a very serious problem that someone else has all your social access.

It may be harmful personally and financially also but now the question is how we protect ourselves from these types of threats without any knowledge of its technology.

Google Account is used by millions of users worldwide they constantly working to make the user experience better and secure and also simulate guidelines to protect your Google or Gmail account from hackers.

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You can follow these steps to Protect and Recover your Google Account from Hackers without having any technical knowledge just you need to follow a few simple steps.

Step 1: Log in to your Google Account:-

First of all, sign in to your Gmail Account If you aren’t able to sign in to your account then click on the Google Account Recovery Page and now it will ask some questions that you filled in at the time of your account creation.

Tips to use this Google Account Recovery Page:

  • Someone edited your account info, like changes in password or phone number.
  • Someone tried to delete your account.
  • Any other reasons why you can’t able to access your account

Also, make sure that you entered the right username if you forgot then go to recovering your username.

Step 2: Review activity to Protect your hacked Google Account

  • Review any suspicious activity on your account
  • Review any Unknown devices connected to your Account.

Step 3: Extra Security Checks:-

  • Enable 2-Step Verification
  • Contact your Bank connected with your account
  • Remove software that is harmful and unverified by Google
  • Use Authenticate and updated secure browser
  • Protect yourself from password theft with Password Alert
  • Follow Google guidelines for your apps and devices
  • Follow Google guidelines to use Google products


How to check that your Google Account has been hacked and perform activities for Google Account Recovery?

If you find any vulnerability in your account like some activities happen without your knowledge and seems that someone else accessing your Google Account.

The immediate action you need to perform when it seems that someone else accessing your Google Account, change your password at that time.

  • Change your Google Account Password
  • Other Apps and Sites
  • Apps and Sited where you use the same password that you used for your Google Account
  • Apps and sites which connect you through your Gmail Account
  • Apps and Sites which you signed directly through your Email Address
  • Apps and Sites where you stored passwords in your Google Account

Check If any Unknown device is connected to your Google Account and immediately remove that device.

Suspicious activities need to be checked:

  • Any changes to critical security settings without your knowledge.
  • Any Unauthorized financial activity not done by you.
  • Any Notifications about Unusual activities by Google.

Suspicious activities for Google products that you use:-

Change the Below setting immediately if you find any suspicious activity on your Google Account:

  • More than one person with access to your Gmail
  • Forwarding Emails Automatically
  • Any Scheduled Emails.
  • Changes in your Name in Email
  • Any Autoreply set on Vacation responder
  • Any Suspicious Addresses in the sent email
  • Suspicious Blocked Email Addresses
  • Enabled Remote access through IMAP or POP
  • Any Filter to Manage your incoming Mails
  • Any Labels that Organize your incoming emails.


Suspicious Activities for your Gmail Account:

  • Stops receiving any new emails.
  • Friends started complaining about Spam emails through your Gmail
  • Find changes in your Username.
  • Your Emails get deleted Automatically and are Not available in “Trash” also. You can report missing emails to Google
  • Find “Sent Emails” that you didn’t send.

Google Photos:- 

Suspicious Activities for your Google Photos:

  • I Found a Shared Photo Album of yours that you didn’t share.
  • Partner Account that was not created by you and your photos were also shared with Partner.

Google Drive:-

Suspicious Activities for your Google Drive Account:

  • Found Suspicious Activities without your Knowledge
  • Google Drive Files deleted Automatically is not done by you. These files can be recovered by reporting to Google.


Suspicious Activities for your Blogger Account:

  • Shows Posts on your Blog that were not published by you
  • Shows comments that you didn’t publish.
  • Find changes in the “mail-to-Blogger” address that you have not made.
  • Find Your Blog Blocked or Disappeared.


Suspicious Activities for your YouTube Account:

If you found any videos on Your YouTube Channel that you didn’t create or upload or any suspicious changes that were not done by you.

  • Changes in your Profile Photo
  • Changes in the Name of your channel
  • Changes in Descriptions of channel
  • Changes in Settings of Email
  • Changes in Sent messages

Google Ads:-

Suspicious Activities for your Google Ads Account:

  • Unknown links found in your Ads
  • Ad spend Limit increased without your knowledge
  • Find Changes in users’ accounts, managers, and Account owners.

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