How to Unblock Youku on Chrome | How to Unblock Youku Android And iPhone 2024

How to Unblock Youku iPhone and other devices:- If you love Chinese movies then YouKu is a platform where you can enjoy plenty of high-quality Chinese movies. YouKu is a website that offers Chinese media in one place. People from China can easily access this platform and watch the Latest Chinese movies.

Well, watching movies on the Youku platform is not that easy because this platform is fully restricted to other nations. This means that if you belong to any other country then you’re not allowed to access this platform.

This platform is only accessible within the geographical boundaries of China. In this discussion, we’re going to discuss if you’re living in America, India, and any other nation and you’re a big fan of Chinese movies then how you can access the YouKu platform on your devices.

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What is the Youku website?

YouKu is a Chinese website that provides high-quality entertainment in China. Under this platform, you can easily access Chinese movies, TV shows, and many other content without any interruption with high picture quality.

This platform is getting restricted in other nations so that only the residents of China can access the platform. Like the mechanism of Netflix, this website also restricts the availability of services of this service outside the nation.

Note:- Is it possible to check the restriction of YouKu?

Well, when we go to the official mode then “No” because the developers of Youku make this website restricted and no one can use it. But, If you use a short trick then you’ll get access to this application without any charges. So, at last, we can say that “Yes” you can crack the restriction of Youku and use this application outside China.

It’s time to discuss how you can easily access YouKu services on your devices like Android devices, iOS devices, and others.

How do I unblock Youku 2024?

If you want to unblock Youku outside China, then we are sharing a method for unblocking Youku on Android/iPhone and Google Chrome. you can easily unblock Youku using below steps mentioned below in the article.

1. How to Unblock Youku Android?

Well, Unblocking YouKu is not easy work to do. You have to do some complex configurations on your device. The use of the Youku App outside mainland China is restricted but the developers of YouKu provide the service of Proxy Auto-Configuration which is shortlisted with the name PAC.

How to Unblock Youku Android
How to Unblock Youku Android

With the help of this, the users will act as a Proxy through Google Chrome, Firefox, and others and get to This platform.

Well, this is also a way by which you can access the Youku website and see your desired content without any worry.

We also shortlisted an easy way by which you can easily access the Youku application on your mobile device. Follow the steps to learn how you can access the Youku application on your Android devices:-

  • Firstly, you have to open the Google Play Store and download a good quality and reputed VPN from it.
  • Once you download the VPN open it and connect with the Chinese server.
  • Once your connectivity is connected to the Chinese server then come back to your home screen.
  • Now, open your web browser and visit the official website of YouKu.
  • Open the YouKu website and enjoy your favorite movie, TV series, or any other favorite content without any worry.

2. How to Unblock Youku iPhone?

How to Unblock Youku iPhone
How to Unblock Youku iPhone?

If you’re an iPhone user and want to access the YouKu website then you can also use the same mechanism to access the services of Youku without any restriction.

You can also download a good-quality VPN like NordVPN, Express VPN, and many others. Follow the steps to know more:-

  • Firstly, open your iPhone and click on the options Apple Store. Once you visit the Apple Store search for the name of any reported VPN. Make sure that if you’re downloading the VPN from any other source then you have verified the settings of Download from unknown sources.
  • Install the VPN successfully and open it. Once the VPN gets opened select the server of your VPN on a Chinese server.
  • You may have to change servers at various times so be patient and select a Chinese server. The server must be in China because then only you’re eligible to access the Youku Website.
  • Once you get the server then come back to your home screen and open the web browser. Search for the YouKu website and click on it.
  • You’ll see that all the content of Your will starts displaying on your site. You can easily enjoy high-quality movies and TV shows here.

So, these are the ways by which you can easily unlock the restrictions of Youku.

Well, to do this setting you have to unblock this site from your web browser also. Let’s keep an eye on how you can easily Unblock the mechanism of Youku in Google Chrome.

3. How to Unblock Youku Google Chrome?

 Here is the guide which guides you on How you can easily Unblock Youku Google Chrome:

How to Unblock Youku Google Chrome
Unblock Youku Google Chrome
  • Firstly, you have to open your Google Chrome. Make sure that you have an active internet speed.
  • Search for the name of Unblock Youku and hit the search on it.
  • Once your search unblocks the Youku app then it will display 3 different options to you. You have to select the 1st option which is Unblock Youku.
  • Click on it and click on the option of Add Extension. Now, you have to download the extension to access the Youku website in your Google Chrome.
  • Once you add the extension of YouKu a new page will open where you just have to click on the option of Toolbar and ensure to run the extension. When the extension starts running you just have to visit the homepage of Google.
  • Search for the Youku website and you’ll see that the YouKu website is running in your Google Chrome.


So, here we discussed  How to Unblock Youku iPhone, Android, And Chrome and access these blocked and restricted websites on your Android and iOS devices. This platform is amazing because here you can see tremendous Chinese movies and TV shows.

You can place this setting anywhere in the world and access the YouKu website on your device without any worry. So, don’t wait just go and make your day tremendous with Youku.

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