Oreo TV APK Download Latest Version 4.0.8 [February 2024] | Oreo TV APK Download Link 2024

Oreo TV APK Download: If you’re looking for a platform that provides you with high-quality entertainment at no cost then this article is for you.

In this discussion, we’re going to discuss an application that promises to provide a wide range of content in premium quality without any charges. So, if you’re a movie or TV lover then skip this article.

The name of this application is Oreo TV Apk 2024. Oreo TV where you can enjoy unlimited movies and TV shows of high quality without paying any charges. So, without wasting any time let’s start with the introduction of Oreo TV.

What is the Oreo TV app?

Oreo TV APK Download
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There are plenty of OTT platforms that provide premium quality entertainment to their users at specified charges. Well, there are many people who want to enjoy the latest content but don’t want to spend money on it. Oreo TV does exactly for you.

Oreo TV app is an application that acts as an unlimited source of entertainment that provides high-quality Movies and TV shows streaming without taking a single cost.

It is one of the most rated and popular applications. This application supports all types of devices like Android, and iOS as well as desktops. Now, let’s discuss the features of this application to know more about it.


Oreo TV App Highlight 2024

Requirements  5.0+ Android Version
App Version  V 4.0.5
Size of Apk  10 MB


Features of Oreo TV App 2024:-

  • Free of Cost:- You can easily watch all the content of Netflix and many other OTT platforms without paying any charges. It is free, you just have to download and use it.
  • Quality and Quantity:- Oreo TV entertains more than 6000 different channels from various countries. All the channels support high picture and sound quality.
  • Channel list:- In Oreo TV you can easily select the type of channel that you want. You can easily customize your choice and can easily remove the channels that you don’t want.
  • Ads-free interface:- There are plenty of applications that provide high-quality content free of cost but include plenty of ads that disturb the viewer. In Oreo TV, no ads will disturb you while enjoying your movie because it attains an Ads-free interface.
  • Downloading:- Oreo TV also facilitates its viewers to download the content that they want to see. So, you can easily see your favorite movie anytime in offline mode. This feature is very rarely seen in TV applications.
  • Live and streaming features:- Oreo TV is not only for movie and TV shows streaming but you can also enjoy Live TV channels and Live telecasts of sports and many other events.
  • Safe:- Oreo TV is completely safe. You don’t have to provide a single piece of information to access the services of this application. You can easily use all the services of OREO TV by just competing in the installation process.
  • Specifications:- The version of this application is 1.9.6 which comes with a file size of 4.6 MB.

So, these are the features of the Oreo TV app 📺. I’m sure that now you’ll properly understand why you should choose Oreo TV instead of any other application.

If you want to use this application, You must have proper knowledge about the downloading and installation procedure of Oreo TV.

If you’re a newbie and want to learn the downloading and installation procedure of Oreo TV see the below content:-

How to download an Oreo TV APK 2024?

 The downloading procedure of this application is very easy to do, you can complete it by following 3-way steps:-

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Oreo TV. If you want to go through with an easy step then use this link to download the app of Oreo TV directly.
  • A pop-up confirmation will display on your screen. Allow it to download the application of Oreo TV.
  • Wait for some time and check the file in the memory folder of your device.

Once the installation process is completed then go through with the process of installation.

How to install the Oreo TV app?

 To install this application on your devices follow the procedure which is listed below:-

  • Firstly, open your settings and find the option of downloader. You can also search this folder in your file manager.
  • File the downloaded file of the Oreo TV app and click on it.
  • Confirm to install this application and wait for some time.
  • After completing the installation process of Oreo TV, go back to your home page and open the menu bar.
  • Find the icon of Oreo TV in it and click to open it.

We saw that the installation process of Oreo TV is very easy and simple.

Alternatives App of Oreo TV App:-

if in any situation your Orea app is not able to work and you find an alternative app of Orea TV APK then here are some of the best apps given the same features like free TV, movie streaming, and many more.  The Best alternatives are below:-


So, here we discussed Oreo TV APK Download and we can easily conclude that Oreo TV is one of the best and most high-quality applications that provides High-quality movie streaming and TV series without charging any cost.

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